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A message from Martha Linn, D.C.


Welcome to Radiant Health, an innovative holistic health clinic. To give you a basis of how and why I treat like I do, allow me to give you a background of the practice.

I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1994. I learned the basics at Chiropractic College and added applied kinesiology to my repertoire. I looked at healing and health of the body on a mechanical model. If a case of sciatic came in, I would examine them with orthopedic tests to determine if it was a disc herniation or a sprain/strain of the low back. Then I would reestablish the muscle support and adjust the spine with a chiropractic manipulation.

Most patients received the same protocol and it worked in most cases. The reason is that the body has a self healing system that always works no matter what. It is thought that 80 percent of the time, a musculoskeletal problem will resolve itself with a typical chiropractic treatment plan. I found my mind would attach to the 20 percent that I was not able to assist. I wanted to know what more could be done to help the people that were not being helped.

My Health Crisis
In 1999 I experienced my own health crisis. I awoke on a Friday morning with eye pain and a headache. I worked in the morning and called a chiropractic friend to see if he had time to give me a treatment that afternoon. I knew that he could treat me if I had a cranial fault causing discomfort in my left eye. After my treatment, I generally felt good but I was concerned with my eye pain. It was a Friday afternoon and I didn't want to go through the weekend with something that needed more attention.

I called my oldest daughter's ophthalmologist and they told me to come over immediately, which was about four in the afternoon. After the examination they diagnosed me with optic neuritis. They wanted to check me again on Monday because they said I may lose some eyesight with this. I told them I had to work on Monday and that I could make it in on Tuesday. As you can see I didn't take this as serious as the doctor did. I returned to their office on Tuesday and I could no longer read anything on the eye chart with my left eye. The assistant raised her hand so that I could attempt to count her fingers.

On Tuesday the doctor said I definitely had a more extreme case of optic neuritis and they would like to admit me into the hospital for IV cortisone and to perform an MRI to check for multiple sclerosis (MS). I went into mental and emotional acrobats of how this could happen to me despite my healthy lifestyle. Needless to say I began the journey, which has led me to the amazing work I do with every person that works with me.

My Gift to the World
The work that I do is my gift to the world and comes from my soul. During my bout with optic neuritis, I did not go to the hospital and I did not do any further testing. My outer visions worsened and I was blind in the left eye for two weeks. My inner vision, however, started to open up. I went within myself and followed every lead that came to me. I did learn some more techniques that allowed me to express more truly my gift and I continue on with that everyday.

My practice is a synthesis of all I know, feel, smell, taste, sense, hear, and any other indicators of how to respond in that moment. Thankfully, the ophthalmologist followed my case and allowed me to heal naturally. I remember at three years after the initial incident I asked if I would ever be able to tell the difference between green and red in that eye. The doctor responded, "I didn't want to tell you the typical outcome of an optic neuritis case because you continued to heal. Typically, the state of your eye six months after the initial onset is as good as your eye will be. In your case, you continue to show improvement, so let's check you in one year."

Survival State vs. Thriving State
At my six year check up, she said my optic nerve was 99 percent back. This whole experience allowed me to embrace the healing power within on a very personal level. I found the deep core was stress that triggered this. Leading up to the diagnosis of optic neuritis, 4 months earlier I had my second child, 2 months earlier I opened my own office, a week earlier I had mercury fillings removed, and just my perception of my daily life at that time was stressful. The techniques and work that I present to you are to remove physical, emotional, and mental stress from your body so the natural healing properties can build and repair as they were originally intended to. We have placed our bodies in a survival state versus a thriving state. There is so much to appreciate each day, yet when our bodies are surviving from moment to moment we miss it.

I would love to be your coach on how to relieve stressors or at least perceive them differently, remove interferences that inhibit your body's natural healing capabilities, and assist you toward living a full life.

"The body is the visible soul, and the soul is the invisible body. The body and soul are not divided anywhere, they are parts of each other, they are parts of one whole. You have to accept the body, you have to love the body, you have to respect the body, you have to be grateful to your body....

The body is the most complex mechanism in existence - it is simply marvelous! And blessed are those who marvel."  - Osho